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BDD (Boss’s daily driver) is finally on the road… runs pretty good, set a code for the MAF sensor, had to fix a few intake leaks and replace the sensor.  Hasn’t been tuned yet but has a little north of 300 hp right now.  At least all 4 wheels are being driven now.

picture of Volvo R
On the road again….

Installed a couple of extra gauges, a boost gauge and a mixture gauge.. added a third oxygen sensor for the mixture gauge. The car is a blast to drive, but is heavy…. the software should help that along.  picture of Volvo R

picture of Volvo's engine

Plenty of juice under the hood… took a while to seal up all these new pipes….

picture of gauge setGauges are ready for some serious thrashing….


Marble Bugatti…

Kellen Silverthorn is an artist living in British Colombia, Canada, and makes marble sculptures on commission. His subject is automobiles, which he obviously has a passion for, and his work is quite stunning.

picture of marble bugatti
This Bugatti sculpter is made from marble and onyx from India, Pakistan and Spain.

His sculptures are usually 2 feet in length, and weigh on the order of 50 to 75 lbs each (is it that obvious that I’m an American….?). He admits he puts his life on hold till he finishes a sculpture, which could take a month or more. If you can’t wait to get your favorite car done in marble, his website

picture of marble bugatti