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Saab Bicycles

Towards the end of the company’s life, Saab came out with a cute bicycle.  It’s not a cool mountain bike, or have any speeds (except one) or anything like that.  I think it’s whole deal is you can break it down and put it in a Saab trunk.

picture of Saab BicycleThe frame breaks down in front of the seat, and part of the frame is just a cable that you disconnect.  It is kind of an odd thing, but is made out of aluminum and looks pretty cool.  It is not the kind of bike a serious rider would want to use.

picture of Saab Bicycle
One speed is all you get…

The Abuse of Power, Supercharged Saab 9-7….

While I’m not of big fan of trucks, this 9-7 Saab does motivate me. Global warming aside… the unashamed use of fossil fuels, while possibly counterproductive to continued existence on this planet, does contribute to the rush of brute acceleration. Supercharging and some cam action coupled with all wheel drive guarantees hooking up and with 700 horsepower, this beast will keep up with the likes of Jag XJR’s and BMW M-5’s. It can all be done with electric motors today, but the sound would have to manufactured by your stereo….

supercharged engine
The supercharger takes center stage….
9-7 Aero
Aero, with supercharged 6.3 engine

Saab 9-7X Aero