Lego Man Hotrods…

During the winter months, and especially after a huge snow, the shop gets pretty quiet.  No one wants to go out in that stuff.  Sometimes the mind wanders, and if there is a lego man laying around in need of a ride, you have to build one.

picture of Lego Man hotrod
Lego Man Hotrod

This hotrod was a 2 day build.  It took a day looking at o-rings to figure out the tires, and from there it took on a life of its own.  Finding glue to put plastic and metal together was a challenge, but found the best solution…. JB Plasticweld.  That stuff will glue anything together, and it is strong bond.

picture of Lego Man working on car
Installing exhaust pipe

What is it made out of?

Frame.. hacked up wiper blade

Engine… part brake line connector, wiper blade, brake line for exhaust, and 2 tire valve caps for carbs…s

Body… dash light switch, Saab 9-5

Nose… antenna mount

Rear diff… hydraulic connector from Haldex awd differential

picture of Lego Man working on car


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