Lotus Motorcycles

The first motorcycles to wear the Lotus logo have hit the streets at the end of 2014.  To say the design is stunning  is quite an understatement, the designer used to work for Bugatti.  His aim was brutal power with elegance and style.  What a combination.

picture of Lotus C-01
Lotus C-01

The Lotus C-01 will be powered by KTM’s RC8 R superbike engine pushing 200 horsepower, and will be built in Germany by Kodewa, who already builds Lotus’ LMP racer.

picture of Lotus C-01This machine will be pretty expensive, but such is life.  If Lawrence of Arabia was alive today, he would have to have one.

Official Website for Lotus Motorcycles



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  1. “To explain the lure of speed you would have to explain human nature; but it is easier understood than explained. All men in all ages have beggared themselves for fast horses or camels or ships or cars or bikes or aeroplanes: all men have strained themselves dry to run or walk or swim faster. Speed is the second oldest animal craving in our nature, and our generation is fortunate in being able to indulge it more cheaply and generally than our ancestors. Every natural man cultivates the speed that appeals to him. I have a motor-bike income.” – T.E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia, died in a motorcycle accident in 1935)

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