Saab Media Project…

I don’t know why anyone puts a radio in a car any longer, all you really need is an amplifier and some decent speakers with a phono jack.  Ipods and phones have all the media you want on them, the radio doesn’t.

Getting all the parts working…

I have been using an Ipod for a long time, however it has some serious shortcomings.  It is way to sleek and small…. has a great UI and plenty of apps of all sorts.  It is hard to fault the hardware or the software, but this is the problem…. I didn’t build it.  As a mechanic, I have a need to tinker with stuff, trying to pry the back off this little thing is bound to destroy it.  Not that Apple would mind, they have turned their back on this cool little hardware a long time ago.  Still stuck on IOS 4.1.

Ipod or Pi?
Ipod or Pi?

The Raspberry Pi doesn’t have that problem.. loading XBMC makes it a great little media player.. and since it doesn’t come with anything to go with it, you have to come up with your own input and output and anything else you might need.  And as an added plus, there are wires all over the place… just the thing to satisfy my tinkering spirit.  So, Ipod or Pi?  I think I’ll take the PI!

The Workshop, now I've got to clean everything up...
The Workshop, now I’ve got to clean everything up…



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  1. There is still a lot of them around Cincinnati… It’s a shame they went out of business…. nice cars.

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