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Enfield Musket

The Enfield Musket is the product of Aniket Vardhan’s brain.  It’s a sickness he acquired growing up in India.  Most motorcycles there were little 100 or 200cc scooters, but the Indian Royal Enfield Bullet and a WW2 Harley v-twin changed his life.  His passion was now to build a v-twin version of the Enfield Bullet, and to that end he has succeeded.

Royal Enfield logo
Aniket was not the only one with that dream.  Early attempts were the Carberry Enfield, a 1000cc project that hasn’t been heard from since 2010, and the Norwich Enfield, which may be entering production in India soon.  These two bikes look like standard production Enfields, although with big motors.  Aniket’s Musket has more of an earlier 50’s feel to it, the looks of a vintage machine.

picture of Musket 998
The Musket 998

The engine has been developed by Aniket the old fashioned way, using carved wood to make castings of the cylinders and side covers. Being an architectural and design major, he had to teach himself machining, but looks like he has mastered that skill. His first machine was built from an Enfield 350, and was delivered in 2014.

picture of Musket engine
The Musket V-Twin

The next progression was to build one from a 500, making a 998cc twin. The Musket is available from the Columbus Ohio manufacturer for roughly 12 grand, plus a Bullet donor that should be in pretty good shape.  You might have to wait a while, this company is still only one guy!

The Musket featured on Jay Leno’s Garage


Lego Man Hotrods…

During the winter months, and especially after a huge snow, the shop gets pretty quiet.  No one wants to go out in that stuff.  Sometimes the mind wanders, and if there is a lego man laying around in need of a ride, you have to build one.

picture of Lego Man hotrod
Lego Man Hotrod

This hotrod was a 2 day build.  It took a day looking at o-rings to figure out the tires, and from there it took on a life of its own.  Finding glue to put plastic and metal together was a challenge, but found the best solution…. JB Plasticweld.  That stuff will glue anything together, and it is strong bond.

picture of Lego Man working on car
Installing exhaust pipe

What is it made out of?

Frame.. hacked up wiper blade

Engine… part brake line connector, wiper blade, brake line for exhaust, and 2 tire valve caps for carbs…s

Body… dash light switch, Saab 9-5

Nose… antenna mount

Rear diff… hydraulic connector from Haldex awd differential

picture of Lego Man working on car