Captain Nemo’s Motorcycle

The Curtiss Motorcycle Co. makes electric motorcycles. They do call themselves the Tesla of the motorcycle world. While the performance is not staggering and the price is enough to make you pause, I think Captain Nemo would like it.

Curtiss Motorcycle
Press photo from Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

The Curtiss Motorcycle company is sort of a spiritual rebirth of the original company owned by Glenn Curtiss. He was an early aviation pioneer and motorcycle aficionado who competed with the Wright Brothers. He was at one time the Fastest Man On Earth riding his own V8 aero engined motorcycle in 1907.

Curtiss V8
Curtiss Speed Record Bike – Public domain

The Curtiss “1” seems to have a lot to live up to. The styling is outrageous, but the performance isn’t up to Glenn Curtiss’ standards. Any 750 Japanese bike can outrun this thing with no problem. True, it is marketed as a piece of art and a luxury bike at that, but bringing up Tesla puts it in a different light altogether.

Curtiss Motorcycle
Curtiss 1 Motorcycle – press photo

And then there is Captain Nemo. If he traded in his submarine, he would be all over this motorcycle as his new hobby. The money wouldn’t bother him, but the performance would kill him. He would have to wire in two Tesla Coils, or a tesla motor at least. He could also settle for swapping in a pair of Hayabusa motors, because he can’t be second. He would even have to upgrade the electronics, sort of like “Siri, do what it takes to beat this guy, and I won’t have my hands on the handle bars and also, don’t kill me!” Then he would be satisfied.

Captain Nemo's Submarine Nautilus
But he just might keep his submarine… From Wikipedia Contributor Waterless Cloud

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