SsangYong to come to the US?

SsangYong is the 4th largest South Korean automaker and is known around the world for it’s awd SUV’s.  Now owned by India’s Mahindra, they are slated to enter the US market by 2019.

picture of SsangYong dealership
SsangYong dealership in Howth, Ireland

One of SsangYong’s latest offerings is the mini Suv Tivoli, which can be had as awd or ft wheel drive, and a 1.6 liter gas or diesel engine, and a standard shift or Aisin automatic.  From what I’ve seen in Ireland, they are almost all standard shifts, but the US is bound to be automatics mainly.  It would be interesting to see how they do in the US, as their sister corporations Hyundai and Kia are selling like hotcakes.

picture of Tivoli
photo my Wikimedia contributor Minseong Kim


BDD (Boss’s daily driver) is finally on the road… runs pretty good, set a code for the MAF sensor, had to fix a few intake leaks and replace the sensor.  Hasn’t been tuned yet but has a little north of 300 hp right now.  At least all 4 wheels are being driven now.

picture of Volvo R
On the road again….

Installed a couple of extra gauges, a boost gauge and a mixture gauge.. added a third oxygen sensor for the mixture gauge. The car is a blast to drive, but is heavy…. the software should help that along.  picture of Volvo R

picture of Volvo's engine

Plenty of juice under the hood… took a while to seal up all these new pipes….

picture of gauge setGauges are ready for some serious thrashing….