Engine bays…

Hanging out at the Friday night parking lot car show…. a couple of engine bays caught my attention. The Mustang has a decidedly more muscular appearance… even though it is a Shelby, with a 4 cam Ford Modular engine.

picture of Mustang engine
Mustang engine bay, pretty muscular…

Its competition, a Camaro sitting nearby, has a somewhat more dated engine bay… the old Chevy V-8 has been upgraded plenty since 1955, but is still pretty similar. Ohv, one cam, but you can’t see the engineĀ  anyway, it is all covered up with mounds of plastic. Admittedly the Camaro wasn’t anything special… but the engine is a bit behind the times.

picture of Camaro engine
Camaro engine… lots of plastic

I have to confess that this is not a fair comparison, just sayin…

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