The Abuse of Power, Supercharged Saab 9-7….

While I’m not of big fan of trucks, this 9-7 Saab does motivate me. Global warming aside… the unashamed use of fossil fuels, while possibly counterproductive to continued existence on this planet, does contribute to the rush of brute acceleration. Supercharging and some cam action coupled with all wheel drive guarantees hooking up and with 700 horsepower, this beast will keep up with the likes of Jag XJR’s and BMW M-5’s. It can all be done with electric motors today, but the sound would have to be manufactured by your stereo….

supercharged engine
The supercharger takes center stage….
9-7 Aero
Aero, with supercharged 6.3 engine

Saab 9-7X Aero

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